Questions You Must Answer

That’s how long your Website has to grab a visitor’s attention before they click away. And that number is quickly declining – some stats show you only have 7 seconds to let your audience know they’re in the right place.

Your Website has a lot to do in a fraction of a minute. Here are 5 questions you need to ask to ensure prospects stick around.

#1 Are You Clear About Who You Are?

When a visitor lands on your Website, can they immediately tell who your company is and what you do? Your logo, tagline, graphics/photos, and headline should quickly lead the reader to identify what you’re all about.

#2 Is Your Content Customer-Focused?

Too many Websites go to great lengths to “welcome” visitors to the site and share their mission and vision for the world. But no one cares. When someone is searching for an answer to their problem, they don’t care about what you believe – they want to know that you can help.

So, write the content to the reader – one reader – drop the overused platitudes and clichés, and tell the reader how you can solve their problem. It begins with an engaging headline and goes through all content on your Website. Write from your reader’s perspective, not from yours.

Company Focused: We provide the best quality widgets in the world.
Prospect Focused: You’ll never have to replace your widget again. Guaranteed!

#3 Are You Grabbing & Holding Their Attention

This starts by understanding what your prospect values. What are their problems? How can you solve them? Get to the heart of the emotion behind their issues.

Your content should stand out as the clear choice over all others. Share the benefits. Tell a story. Engage the reader.

If you must include text-heavy passages, break them up with photos, infographics, varied text positioning, or background colours to make it easier to read.

#4 What Do You Want Visitors To Do?

What is the first action you want visitors to do on your site? Do you have a clear call to action? It could be to:

• Download a free report.
• Try a free demo.
• Schedule a complimentary session.
• Buy now.

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