Web Development Trend Prediction in 2016

As the year 2016 is starting the predictions about the different industries and things have started. The web is full of articles, blogs and expert opinions, sharing their experiences and future possible trends. The web development and design is a very big industry to focus on, which is directly or indirectly connected with many people. As even if you are not a web development company still you might need to develop your website.

This article will offer the top three future trends in 2016. This will aid the web development companies to understand the trends and shape the working model accordingly. At the same time, it will help people who are going to get web development services to ensure that they are getting what is in trend and not outdated.

1. Web Will Emphasize On Responsive Web Development

The usage of mobile and more specifically smart phones has brought the drastic changes in our lives. Android and iOS have become an integral part of many people’s day to day lives. There is hardly anyone around who is not using the mobile phones. This has brought a big change in the web industry as well. This user behavior sensed by the Google and it stated that the mobile friendly website will be one of the core factors in the ranking. This creates the need for the developers to design two websites, one for the desktop users and another for the mobile users. The responsive web design can make the life of developers easier. The responsive web design and development will make sure that the website can serve each user on different screen sizes with the same quality. Thus, the responsive web design and development is definitely the next big thing in 2016.

2. Web Design Will Be Uniform

As just stated earlier the next big thing is going to be the responsive web. The concept of responsive web design is that the single website serves both mobile and desktop users, which are unlike than the mobile friendly website where two different websites will be created to serve the two different audiences. As the same website will be served the design of the websites will be uniform around the globe. It is also possible to see the usage of some app buttons, menus or themes of Android, iOS on the website during the visit from a desktop. Though the design fundamentals will be the same, the creative designers will surely bring something out of the box and that will be really interesting to witness.

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