To Successful Event Sponsorship

I don’t often write “how-to” articles but this is something that has come up again and again during coaching calls so I figured it was time to put it out there.

The question I am getting is around event sponsorship. What do you need to do when you have a table, or are exhibiting your business, at an event?

The good news is that you don’t need much, but you absolutely must have (or do) the following six things.

You need yourself. You must welcome your guests. Stand next to, or in front and to the side, of your table. Do not stand behind anything or sit unless it’s a medical necessity.

This is like being in your home when the doorbell rings. Which is more welcoming to your guest, if you stay in a chair & yell “come in, it’s open” or walking to the door, opening it up, smiling and saying “Come in”.

Same with your booth or table, welcome people like a guest into your home.

2. Less is more. Imagine your desk covered with papers and to-dos. Do you want to sit down? And if you did, would you know what you needed to do?

Now imagine your desk with just one thing on it. Is it more inviting? Do you know what you need to do when you sit down?

It’s the same thing with your table or booth… less is more. In a crowded exhibit hall you are lucky if you have five seconds to get someone’s attention. You must have a single message and it must be easy for someone to take that message in at a glance. What do you want them to know?

3. Chocolate. It seems crazy, but it’s true. Have chocolate there. Think of this as offering your guest something to eat or drink when they come to your home. People are attracted to it and will stop by for a piece of chocolate. And here’s really good news… it doesn’t have to be good chocolate. Just something quick that people will grab.

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