To Successful Event Sponsorship

I don’t often write “how-to” articles but this is something that has come up again and again during coaching calls so I figured it was time to put it out there.

The question I am getting is around event sponsorship. What do you need to do when you have a table, or are exhibiting your business, at an event?

The good news is that you don’t need much, but you absolutely must have (or do) the following six things.

You need yourself. You must welcome your guests. Stand next to, or in front and to the side, of your table. Do not stand behind anything or sit unless it’s a medical necessity.

This is like being in your home when the doorbell rings. Which is more welcoming to your guest, if you stay in a chair & yell “come in, it’s open” or walking to the door, opening it up, smiling and saying “Come in”.

Same with your booth or table, welcome people like a guest into your home.

2. Less is more. Imagine your desk covered with papers and to-dos. Do you want to sit down? And if you did, would you know what you needed to do?

Now imagine your desk with just one thing on it. Is it more inviting? Do you know what you need to do when you sit down?

It’s the same thing with your table or booth… less is more. In a crowded exhibit hall you are lucky if you have five seconds to get someone’s attention. You must have a single message and it must be easy for someone to take that message in at a glance. What do you want them to know?

3. Chocolate. It seems crazy, but it’s true. Have chocolate there. Think of this as offering your guest something to eat or drink when they come to your home. People are attracted to it and will stop by for a piece of chocolate. And here’s really good news… it doesn’t have to be good chocolate. Just something quick that people will grab.


who will be in attendance

Organizing a large event involves a lot of moving pieces, but the choice of where to hold the event can really help with putting those pieces into place. Here are some factors to think about first when choosing an event venue.


This is one of the most basic factors. What is the budget for the event? A lower cap may limit the options more, but on the other hand, there are ways to make any type of event work. A company picnic in a public park, for instance, or a house concert. For bigger gatherings, like trade conferences and weddings, many hotels offer great price packages and/or services and amenities that are well worth the price.

When thinking about budget, keep in mind that many locations require hosts to buy insurance in case anything goes wrong.

Location, Parking, Accessibility

If the event venue is too inaccessible, it will definitely put a damper on the festivities and cause added stress for the coordinators and guests alike. If people are arriving from all over, it’s best to have convenient (preferably free) parking nearby. There are ways around this, depending on the price range and location: valet parking, public transportation, shuttles, carpooling, uber, and more. If parking is going to be a problem, look into which of these might work instead.

In some cases (conferences, destination weddings, campus parties), all or most of the attendees will already be staying in the same place. More often than not, it’s easiest to host the gathering there. Inquire with the hotel, college, or other organization to see what their options are.

Capacity, Size, Layout, Accessibility

These related considerations are also key. The event venue’s fire codes and other safety considerations will determine how many people can attend, so plan accordingly. Even if the capacity allows for the number of attendees expected, make sure it’s not cramped or awkward for the activities planned. (Is there room to dance? Are there spaces to sit and chat?) Also consider wheelchair accessibility, bathroom changing tables, and other accommodations based on who will be in attendance.


Powerful Strategies For Beginners

These days, CBD oil business is on the rise. In fact, the market is going to enjoy rapid growth as there is a lot of demand for the product. Some people don’t know the source of the oil. Actually, CBD is short for Cannabidiol. Basically, the oil is extracted from a plant and is useful for people with stress, arthritis and many other conditions. If you want a few solid strategies to help you start and grow your business by selling this oil, you may want to read this guide.

Register your Business

First, you need to get a permit. In other words, you need to get your business registered. This applies even if you want to open an online or physical store. People prefer to buy from a registered distributor in order to avoid scammers. Buying original products is everyone’s concern.

Launch a Website

Once you have got your business registered, your next move is to create a website to market your products. Make sure your website is decent enough. For this, you need to opt for a reliable website builder.

Choose a Merchant Processor

You need to look for a reliable merchant processor. This is important if you want to receive payment for your product sales. While it’s legal to run a CBD oil business, many merchant processors think this type of business involves a lot of risk.

Abide by the Law

Once you have chosen a merchant, your next move is to follow the federal laws. In other words, you must follow the laws related to the sale of medical and recreational cannabis products. After all, you don’t want to break any laws while your business is growing.

Run Marketing Campaigns

Irrespective of the type of business you run, make sure you take the right steps to market your products. As a matter of fact, marketing is the backbone of any business. With the right marketing strategies, you can get your message across to a lot of potential customers. The ideal way of marketing your business is via Google ads, blog posts, and other types of ads.


What Is An Autoresponder And How Can It Help Me?

Do you use email marketing in your business?

If so, you may be tired of having to get up every single day and try to create some content to send out on a daily basis. Did you know that there is a way you can create all of your content and have it go out automatically? Through the use of an autoresponder you can place all of your emails into it and have them delivered at specific times.

In addition, you can create an opt-in form which will allow new subscribers to get a predetermined email campaign. This is a great way to introduce new customers and leads to your business and products. Let’s take a look at how an autoresponder can help you get more clients and sales.

If there is one thing we know about customers is the fact that they hate getting sold to. It is absolutely essential in today’s business to seem as non-salesy as possible. And one of the best ways to do this is by genuinely helping our leads. We can do this with great content that will help them and our product or business will allow them even greater success. One of the first things you would need to do is create a lead generator. This is going to be something that you create that is going to help your clients.

Let’s look at this from a weight loss clinic. They may be in the same situation as you and wonder what is an autoresponder and how can it help us. Well, they are going to begin by creating a great piece of content of ten foods that will help you lose weight quick. Individuals will land on this page and opt-in to an email list of the autoresponder. The autoresponder captures the individual’s name and email and will send out the report.

Now that the autoresponder has the individuals name and email it can begin to send out emails. These emails need to focus on helping and not selling. These emails will be sent out automatically to the individual until they unsubscribe from the list. If the emails are helpful and build trust, they will stay on the list. Over time when trust has been built the weight loss clinic can begin a soft sell on a product or service.

What makes autoresponders so invaluable is everything can be created once and it is a set and forget business model. Of course, you can always add emails into the mix at your will and do a daily blast. This is great if you want to capitalize on a trending topic or have a sale you want to introduce. An autoresponder will become an invaluable tool for your business.


Shifting Hiring Packers and Movers

As the office shift do not take place very frequently for a particular organization so it is always good to take professional help in such cases. There are numerous professional packers and movers available in Ahmadabad that can provide a stress-free office shifting. They ensure that the shift takes place in a short duration and very efficiently. They can handle the shifting of every type of office very easily as they are trained to do so.

If you are also having the requirement of taking help from the professional would be the best option. The professional ensures that the shifting takes place in a planned manner. Your entire shifting process is divided into parts so that every work is carried out with perfection. The movers and packers have a team of skilled and experienced people to deal with specific task of office shifting. This would help you in having a very easy office shift along with your office belongings safe. They would properly pack all the office furniture and hardware based on its frailness to ensure that no damage occurs during relocation. The tried and tested methods used by the movers and packers helps you to have a swift and smooth office shifting.

The things can turn quite opposite if you choose an inefficient organization for your office shifting.Therefore choosing a good packers and movers plays


visits to their landing pages

Are you being pulled in every direction online? Today it’s ecom, tomorrow it’s selling t-shirts, the next day it’s viral traffic software that gets you 5,000 visitors by clicking a button! Yeah, I get it, there’s a lot of junk going around out there. In this article you’ll find out what is needed to build a consistent business online in just 4 steps.

The very best thing I have learned over the years is to FOCUS on 1, yes 1 SINGLE method and don’t stop until you perfect it. If you keep jumping around from ecom, to Twitter, physical products, email marketing, video channel marketing, etc. the list goes on and on, you’ll find in a year, you are right back at square 1.

HOWEVER – let’s say you choose email marketing (my personal favorite) just do some numbers…

After 1 year, you could have an business bringing in a conservative, easy, $50/day…

Month 1 – you set up your landing page, list and email sequence and begin marketing
Every day, you drive 50 visitors to your landing page (either free traffic like blogging, Facebook posts, Twitter posts, YT vids, etc.) OR paid traffic, approx. $0.40/click * 50 clicks/day = $20/day in ad spend
If your opt in page converts at say 35% (pretty average), you’ll get approx. 17 New subscribers per day.
17 * 30 = 510 subscribers per month
(now some will drop off and unsubscribe, but just hypothetically here)

Month 2 = 1020 subscribers
Month 3 = 1530 subscribers
and after 1 year doing the same thing every day (50 visits, 17 subscribers per day)
you’d have 6,120 subscribers on your email list.

Now – I haven’t even gotten into the breaking even portion of your list building. Along the way when you’re sending 50 clicks per day to your landing page – you can provide the visitors with value and direct them to an offer which you are an affiliate for and will make money if they buy. Don’t sell things to them – RECOMMEND things to them.

Like, hey, this email is all about getting traffic to your blog/website/ecom site, whatever. I ran across this really cool program that shows you how to utilize social media and get 50 visitors per day in just an hour worth of work! pretty neat, so if you’re having issues getting traffic, check this out while you have a minute.

and then link to the offer in your email.

There’s quite a bit more to it than just that, but I think you get the idea… FOCUS day after day, month after month, and if you really take this seriously, you can have a good size email list in just a year. Just think if you double your efforts = 100 visits per day = 12,240 subscribers after 1 year.

Why do you think the big names in this arena always show how they’re making $1000+ PER DAY online?

It’s because of this…

They started 10 years ago – they started off strong and got waaay more than 100 visits to their landing pages per day and built up email lists in the 100’s of thousands… like 500,000 to 1,000,000 people on their list.


Digital Home Based Business

Whether you’re selling products from your own warehouse or factory, selling e-books (written by you or reselling), or offering a valuable service, there are some things that all home businesses must have for success.


If you don’t have a product or service to offer, you can always opt for a ready-made home business. A ready-made home business is one that is set up by another individual or company in which you are trained to sell their products to others. Before diving strait into a ready-made home business, research many opportunities to find out what types of products and services you’ll be able to offer to your clients.

Don’t just jump on every offer you see. Read what each business opportunity has to offer and compare value-added services with the investment required. Find out what’s involved to join, promote, and continue with the business.

Try to find a home business opportunity that you feel comfortable with and will enjoy doing for a long time. If you enjoy your business, you’re more likely to succeed and realize financial freedom.

Choose a Home Business That You Will Truly Love –

Not every home business type will be right for you. It is however very important that you choose a home business that you truly enjoy. If you enjoy sales and are very good at it, then choose a home business that allows you to interact with others by phone, e-mail, or face to face. The business might include direct sales to the end consumer, business-to-business sales, or networking to help others realize financial freedom. By choosing a home business that you enjoy, it will make staying focused and motivated a lot easier, and therefor, your chances of success is much greater.

If you would rather promote online and do your own thing without much interaction, then start a home business that allows you to do this. If you prefer to sign on with another company to promote their products or services, find out if they will close the sales for you. If they will do this, you can have freedom to promote and build the business doing what you love the most


Pandanus Resort

The Pandanus Resort is a horticultural paradise, with a myriad of lush, colorful tropical plants and flowers imaginatively displayed throughout the resort’s ten hectares. Although the resort itself is located on an immaculate white sand beach, it is just below Mai Ne’s famed red sand dunes.

Panadus’ 124 rooms, suites and bungalows all feature free wifi, IDD telephones, cable TV, mini-bars, robes and slippers, hair dryers, coffee and tea making residential units throughout the gardens guarantee ample sunlight, while the public buildings are designed in the architecture style of Champa, with traditional high wooden ceilings. The lobby, lounge and main restaurant face descending lotus ponds, a hallmark of ancient Cham communities.

Dining at the Pandanus is a delightful experience. Cham musicians perform in the CafĂ© Blue Lagoon every evening, while diners enjoy a delightful array of Vietnamese and western specialties. The Sun Terrace Restaurant at poolside offers light fare during the day for those who are basking in the sun beside the resort’s large free-form pool. The Waterfall Lounge includes a full bar with snacks, two billiard tables and live music performances by the resort’s renowned in-house band, ‘Stardust’. When not performing in the lounge, Stardust performs at the poolside barbeque buffets every Saturday night in the summer season and up to three times a week in the winter.

For the active set, the Pandanus provides guests with free tai chi instruction daily, complimentary use of the tennes and badminton courts, beach volleyball, a fitness center, bicycles, kiddies corner, a game room and a discotheque. The hotel also provides Vietnamese cooking classes daily. Guests wishing to leave all cares behind can indulge in a restorative massage or body treatment at the spa center.


The Art of Celtic Jewelry

Celtic jewelry designs have a very ancient heritage. The history of Celtic Art is fascinating, rich with myth, folklore and mystery. One of the most identifiable representations of Celtic Art is the Celtic Cross, a symbol that combines a cross with a ring surrounding the intersection. There are many legends related to the origin and history of the Celtic Cross, including those of religion and tradition.

The Celts were a powerful race of nomads who first emerged in Central Europe. From the Celtic artifacts found in Central Europe, to others of a later date in Western Europe, you can find a progressive evolution of a style which will influence Western Art long after the Celts themselves lost their authority over the ancient world. The characteristic intertwined lines of their metalwork found a new Christian theme from the 7th century AD in the interlacing patterns of Irish manuscripts and stone Celtic crosses.

But the tradition of Irish metalworking dates back to the Irish Bronze Age (c.3500-1100 BCE). Irish craftsmen produced a range of simple shapes in bronze, copper and gold, as well as the more intricate torques (neck ornaments consisting of a band of twisted metal, worn especially by the ancient Gauls and Britons). In the Late Irish Iron Age (400 BCE – 100 CE), these Irish and Celtic metalworking traditions fused to produce a number of outstanding jewelry pieces of fine art metalwork, of which only a few survive today.

Celtic craftsmanship in metals continued to develop in the early Christian Art period (c.500-900 CE), producing such jewelry masterpieces as the Tara Brooch, the Ardagh Chalice, the Moylough Belt Shrine, and the processional crosses like the great 12th century Cross of Cong.

The Celtic Cross shape has been widely used by ancient people long before the arrival of Christianity. In some cultures the four arms of the cross are interpreted as the four elements (earth, air, fire, water), the four directions of the compass (north, south, east, west), the four parts of man (mind, soul, heart, body) or four ways to ascension (self, nature, wisdom, god/goddess). Celtic Christians describe the circle on the cross as a halo or an eternity symbol. As per some ancient scriptures and philosophies, circle symbolizes the moon and a cross and circle together represents the sun. According to Irish mythology, Saint Patrick created the cross during his time converting the pagan Irish by drawing a circle around a Latin cross to represent the Pagan moon goddess.

Nowadays, the Celtic Cross is worn by people all over the world whether as a symbol of ethnic heritage, faith or simply because of its beautiful design. There is a modern line of Celtic cross designs that combine materials such as silver and leather to create innovative and unique jewelry pieces suitable for both men and women.


Form Builder Shopify

Form Builder APP is developed to make form creation process much easier! With its advanced drag and drop forms editor, this user-friendly form builder app can be used for constructing multiple types of responsive forms. Forms creation includes contact forms,feedback form, quote form, survey form, opt-in forms or tests. This form app includes various types of fields which can be fully modified. It will also let you create any kind of advanced forms; Registration form, Review Form, evaluation or online application form, donation form and more.
The design and layout of this advanced forms builder APP is mobile-friendly. You can create perfectly responsive forms using highly intuitive form editor of the App. Your custom forms will function elegantly and properly on smartphones and tablets.

File / Image Upload – Users can upload file upto 2GB depends on there plan.
Drag & Drop Fields – User Friendly Builder to build forms and sort fields.
Email Alerts – Email alerts and email confirmations to end-user and admin. Add multiple Emails as receiver.
Email Auto Responder – Automatically send custom emails to your users.
Admin Email Notification – Send custom emails to the admin after form is submitted.
Save Form Entry – All Submitted Forms are saved in dashboard.
Export Entries – Export all your Form entries to CSV in one simple Click.
Hidden Fields – Use hidden fields for static or dynamic values.
Anti Spam Protection – Captcha Option available in form.
SMTP (On request) – You may want your SMTP server to send your emails. We can enable this option without any additional cost.
Zero Programming – Absolutely no programming required. Only drag, drop and click.
Embed Options- Embed/Use forms in post, pages, sidebars and/or theme template files!
HTML Form You have option to get the HTML code of the form and you can easily edit anything you want on the form.
Redirect After Submission – You can redirect your users to a specified URL after a form is submitted. For example to your own custom “Thank you” page, etc.
Age Verification Popup Create Age Verification popup easily from the admin
Fully Responsive Works on All Desktop and Mobile devices.
Upload bigger files upto 1GB and Saved on AWS