Part of joining the blogosphere

name separates you from the hobbyists and children blogging, and lets the world know, you are a serious blogger. It also allows you to change hosting companies, maximize the customization of your weblog and it’s still there even if the company that built the software goes out of business. Even if you decide to use and in the future it shuts down, you still have your own web pages on your own domain. You can start building with all your data intact.

2. Learn your blogging software

You need to be able to customize your blog to reflect your business. Whatever software you settle on, whether you start with and move on to Typepad or WordPress, you need to learn to work with and change the templates, add your blogroll, set-up what your advertising, change or add pictures and more. In order to make your blog unique and different, you’ll need to have at least a minimum amount of knowledge of what you’re working with.

3. Learn from those who’ve already gone before.

Read and study other blogs. Don’t be afraid to contact and ask questions. When you want to learn to do something you need to study what is already successful. There are many ways to find blogs, but I’ve found that BlogExplosion is one of the easiest ways to get free traffic while surfing others blogs. Find out more about BlogExplosion by visiting my website.

4. Post to your blog on a consistent basis.

Updating once a month won’t get you much readership. If you update your blog 3-5 times per week with interesting and informative articles and tips about your industry, people will look forward to what you’ve updated and return again and again.

5. Blogging is like networking and building a virtual family.

The readers don’t care what you are selling until they know you care about them and what’s going on in their world. Blogging sales messages is the quickest way to lose readership and destroy any relationships you might have. People go out on the Internet and into the blogosphere looking for information, help and fun topics of interest. If you provide information and benefits for them surfing to your blog on a consistent basis, they will return. If you come at them like a used car salesman, people will find other places to spend their time.

6. Allow comments and trackbacks.

Part of the magic of blogging is its interactivity with the virtual world through the comments people make to your blogging articles. Grow a thick skin, and put your opinion out there. Depending on what you’re blogging about, comments can range from “Nice Post” to things very much less complimentary. In either case, it’s a give and take, not a one-way news delivery or sales pitch.

7. Read other people’s blogs

If you don’t read and explore the world of blogging, leave or comment on other blogs or participate in the process, your success will be diminished. It’s kind of like playing tennis blindfolded. You’ll never have any idea of where the ball is, so how can you hit it? Part of joining the blogosphere is getting into the thick of things. That means living outside of your own blog.

8. Create a blogroll.

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