Mobile Oil Change Company

If you have been involved in the auto sector all of your life, you may have considered starting some type of automotive business yourself. Indeed, I know that many people have been laid off from the automobile industry, and things have been quite tough in 2009. Auto sales are way down, and a huge number of car dealerships have laid-off people or have gone out of business because they have lost their franchises with General Motors and Chrysler.

This means a tremendous number of people are out of work and the industry has been slow, so there are not currently jobs for all these people. Before the global economic crisis and meltdown, there was a shortage of 135,000 auto mechanics. Today, many of them can’t get a job. Now, I imagine all that will change sometime around the end of the second quarter in 2010.

However, if you have been laid off from the auto industry and you would like to start your own business, then maybe you should consider a mobile oil change company. I would not recommend starting such a company and until about the end of the first quarter in 2010. But if you are interested in doing something like this you need to start doing your homework now and learning about all the equipment, and getting your finances in order so you can borrow the money to get everything you need to start your business.

It also makes sense to talk to some local oil companies, or jobbers and create alliances with them so that you can bring them your used waste oil. Perhaps, they are willing to give you a loan based on your promise to buy their brand and their product. You may also find that they have fleet accounts that they are willing to give you as long as you use their oil brand when servicing those accounts.

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