Using Social Networks to Get Traffic

Social Network Traffic is Exploding, today many people are flocking to hundreds of social networks with the hope of making it big or getting tons of traffic to their websites, being one of the first members on a social network can be a good thing in itself, for instance you will be able to start groups on topics you know future members will be interested in.

Some of these Social Networks even have classifieds for you to place an ad in for free as long as your a member. there are marketers who swear by placing classifieds and making a great living at it.

Videos and Social Networking, many social networks allow you to create videos, just like on you tube, for example myspace took it one step further and created their own video service, ie myspacetv. You get the picture!

Blogs, are becoming the norm on social sites, and hows this for a bonus of social networks, the blogs are search engine friendly, you can create a mini post on your social network blog that leads to your main blog which contains a link to your primary website, generating even more traffic and visibility for your website.

As seasoned marketers know getting links to your website and generating traffic is crucial to your success for your online business. Using Social Networks is a way to keep in touch with your subscribers and gain new prospects.

In a Social Network people can see who you are, they know you are a real person, you put up a picture of yourself, then people can become familiar with you, and if they like you or what youre offering they may make a purchase.

They know you, they like you, and they trust you, getting people to trust you is big, have some testimonials on your group, include a testimonial in a blog post, include some photos of yourself, include some proof of your success

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