Productive Activities That Help You Make Money Blogging

With so many things to do, you can easily get overwhelmed. Although they make it seem so simple, the devil is always in the detail. Fortunately, you can focus on the most important things and still multiply your income. Figuring out which tasks are important can be difficult. Based on years of my experience, here they are.

1. Persuade
You need to persuade in everything that you do. You want to readers to peruse your blog content. For that, you write magnetic headlines or titles. Make the title irresistible so they can’t help but click and read the rest of the article.

When you need them to subscribe to your RSS feed, you sell them the benefits of doing so. The same thing applies to the buying decision. You want to persuade them so they feel good about buying.

If you decide to be an affiliate and sell other people’s product, you also need to persuade people to they click and take a look at what you recommend. This technique is called pre-selling. Basically, you want to learn how to make people take action.

This doesn’t have to be a bad thing as long as the action they take are going to move them at least one step close to their goal.

2. Network
Blogging is a communication and interaction tool. You can’t grow your blog if you don’t network with other blogs. Bloggers will link to other people if they already know him/her. At least it is more likely for them to do so. They also will pay more attention if you already cultivate the relationship with them.

Talking about relationship, you also need to do that with your audience. Don’t leave them cold. They don’t like that. Especially nowadays, they expect to be a part of the community by participating actively. That’s why they try to be active in blog comments. So talk to them.

3. Optimizing
You need to keep finding things that you can optimize to get better results. Perhaps you should ask the readers to subscribe to your RSS feed if they find your blog post interesting.

You should also test different spots to place ads. If you use AdSense, you should find ways to get the most clicks by testing shapes and colors too.

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