Finding the Right Desk Chair for You

Many people spend nearly a third of the day sitting in a desk chair, and one size does not fit all. That’s why it is important to look at the individual as much as possible when selecting a desk chair whether the chair is an executive office chair or just a swivel chair. Keeping everyone as comfortable as possible when they are working decreases painful side effects like neck and back pain, makes for a much happier worker, and often increases productivity.

The executive office chair is often more expensive than other task chairs, and is usually the type of chair you see in the offices of upper level management. Staff members are more likely to have task chairs that are designed for the type of work that requires a lot of leaning over. These are also usually swivel chairs so that employees can move freely about the cubicle. Many times, people will choose to have an executive chair in their home office because, after all, they are the boss and they deserve the best chair possible.

But even if you can’t be fancy with your chair selection, there are things you will want to look for when selecting an office chair. Some chairs come almost completely assembled, and if you aren’t very handy with a screwdriver, you may want to find.

You will also want the chair to be easily adjustable. Custom making each chair for the individual is often impractical. Companies may go through many different staff changes, and even those with high levels of loyalty may experience changes in the employees themselves. When chairs are highly adjustable, ergonomic experts can re-evaluate the comfort needs of employees periodically.

Employees should also pay attention and report if they find they are suffering from unexplained back or neck pain. Readjustment of a chair may be necessary, especially in cases of significant weight gain or loss or pregnancy. Companies may want to consider keeping some chairs designed for big and tall people in order to see that everyone can be comfortable, and maximize the life of each chair.

The last thing to consider is whether to choose a cloth chair or one made of leather or vinyl. Leather and vinyl chairs look nice and are easier to clean, while cloth chairs often give a wider color selection and breathe better. No matter what chair you decide on it is important to remember to leave it from time to time. Walking around from time to time will give you a much needed break, help your circulation, and keep you at your best.

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