Important Points for Your Online Privacy Policy

Your privacy policy is an extremely important document and it has a direct influence on your success as a business owner. It is important for you to have one and to share it with others to demonstrate your integrity.

Transparency is critical

You owe it to your online business connections to be transparent with what your policies are and how they will affect them if they decide to interact with you in business in some way. It is also extremely important that you notify your online connections of important information as it occurs (and if, of course, it is relevant) and that you offer them a way to opt-out if they should choose to do that.

The following are important points to emphasize in your privacy policy, if you haven’t covered them already:

  • When giving notice: When notifying your connections (that includes prospective and already-existing clients) about how you will be gathering and using information about them, you must be very clear, comprehensible and transparent. There should be nothing left to doubt in their minds. You should be sure to tell them who you intend to share their information with and ensure that they can get in touch with you easily, if they would like to do that.

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