Changing Economic Perspectives

When we live in the present we don’t recognise change as it happens but when we look back years later we see a clear change has occurred. When I think of the music I listened to when I was in my teens and I compare that to the music we listen to now there is an obvious change that goes beyond evolutionary principles. In Permaculture we think in terms of Small and Slow Solutions.

Often it seems people get mixed up with what is meant by change (current) and evolution (historical). Change is something that happens to us and we see it happen. All be it not until we look back after months, years or decades and see the change that was made. Evolution is something that happens over what can be several thousand, million or indeed Billion years. The fact that we walk upright and our arms are no longer a second set of legs is a good example of evolution. Driving a vehicle to work instead of a horse is an example of change.

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