How to Be an Environmentally Friendlier Business

Most businesses these days will have some sort of environmental policy to demonstrate to their customers that they are thinking of the environment with their large scale buying choices. On a day to day basis however, there is more that can be done from within your office or warehouse. Some of these you may already have in place but hopefully some of them will be new ideas that could help to make a big difference.

Encourage good practises within your workplace:

– Carpooling, do you have employees that live close to one another? Encourage them to lift share. If everyone did this there would be less cars on the road and less fossil fuels being used up.

– Offer the cycle to work scheme. Get your company involved in the governments cycle to work scheme and get more people out of their cars!

– Shut down machines and computers at night, do not leave things on standby as this uses a lot of energy. Don’t forget those office TVs and printers, turning them off at the plug can save a lot of energy.

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