What’s the Condition of Long Term Care Facilities?

Elderly folks are constantly encouraged to secure long term care insurance (LTCI) policies for their future custodial and health care needs, but are LTC facilities really equipped to take the elderly under their wing?

It appears that health authorities should be conducting rigorous inspections of nursing homes nationwide to ensure the elders that when the time comes that they would require custodial care, the nursing facilities which they will be brought to are safe.

It has come to the attention of the families of many elderly folks receiving care in nursing homes that their loved ones are susceptible to health infections because some people who were previously ill have to stop by these nursing homes to receive short term care until they have fully recovered.

While 80% of senior citizens prefer to receive care at home, it wouldn’t be fair to discount the fact that there is also a group of elders who are more comfortable with the idea of having a skilled nurse to monitor them 24/7.

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