Long-Term Care Insurance Policies and the Vocabulary Used Within the Plans

Nobody wants to think of themselves as frail and needing assistance in the activities of daily living. Making plans for long-term care can be depressing at first, but without a plan the burden may fall upon children that may or may not have the desire to be the caregiver. Caregiving comes in all kinds of support. Having a homemaker in your home will keep you in your routine and in your own home. Long-term care insurance used to be thought of as a way to cover only nursing home costs. That is no longer true. With the expansion of senior living options, increasing life spans of Americans, the insurance pays for many more services..

The following are various terms found in studies regarding Long-Term Care and in Long-Term Care insurance policies.

These terms and the brief definition will give you an advantage when beginning to plan for your Long-Term care or that of a loved one.

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