4 Ways How You Can Quickly Improve Your Trading Results

In today’s article, I would like to summarize several important points that helped me quickly to become a better trader in the area of automated trading. Some of the points might be a little bit surprising, but I believe that there will be interesting topics you can think about.


There isn’t any other thing that would help me to improve my own trading so dramatically as cooperation with other traders. In the past, I used to be an unapproachable trader, proud of my self-sufficiency. On the other side, I got the opportunity to work with other, really skilled people, and I consider this to be the best what could happen to me and to my colleagues.

Team spirit and cooperation with people, that are on the same wavelength, where every team member has his unique skills, extraordinary experience, and know-how, this all can perform miracles. This experience has also taught me to be much more open in other projects. The trust is, of course, crucial, and in my case, it takes always a long time before my co-workers deserve my full trust. What I have always cared about, was their broad- and open-mindedness, because these are, according to my experience, the most important values that my co-workers need to have (and their high level of skills, of course).

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