Choosing the Right Airsoft Gun

Airsoft guns have many uses and people use them differently. To buy the right gun you first have to know what you will be using it for. Here are some common uses.

– Plinking (just shooting at cans and targets)
– Airsoft Wars (backyard shootouts with friends… and enemies)
– Joining a team (Joining an Airsoft team to compete against other teams)

If you’re going to use it for plinking, you should get a spring pistol. They are very cheap and don’t need any maintenance. If you want to get a pistol, just go into your Google searchbar right now and search airsoft spring pistol. Find an airsoft pistol that looks cool to you and buy it. With a simple pistol for plinking, you don’t need to worry about price or speed.

Backyard Wars
If you are going to be using your airsoft gun for backyard wars, you should buy either an automatic electric gun(aeg) or a spring shotgun. Shotguns are great because for about forty dollars you can buy a powerful gun that can pump out bbs at an incredible rate of fire(as fast as you can pump the gun once and fire). Great inexpensive guns and perfect for small skirmishes. If you want something with a higher rate of fire than the shotgun, get an AEG. AEGs are powerful airsoft guns with RPMs (rounds per minute) close to if not the rpm of real assault rifles. They allow you to do anything in the backyard battle, from sniping to laying down suppressing fire. The downside of AEGs is that since they are fully automatic and more powerful than spring guns, they cost more and you will need to purchase more bbs because you will use them up very fast. Prices range anywhere from 70- 400 dollars. There is an alternative if you don’t want to spend that much…LPEGs. LPEG stands for low- powered or low-priced electric gun. These guns offer the rate of fire of an AEG for less. Even though they can’t put out as much FPS(feet per second) as AEGs they can still act as effective weapons.

Joining an Airsoft Team
If you’re thinking of joining an airsoft team, be warned that you will need to spend a lot of money not only on your gun but on gear as well. If you’re going to be on a team, you will need to invest some money in a quality gun. First, decide if you’re going to be a sniper, rifleman, support gunner, or grenadier. If you choose to be a sniper, you will need to purchase a quality sniper rifle with at least 400 FPS. Remember to purchase optics as well so you can hit your targets from distances. If you want to be a rifleman, purchase a quality AEG with a high-capacity magazine. If you want to be a support gunner, you have two options… either buy an AEG and get a box drum magazine(holds a lot of bbs) or purchase a machine gun. I would recommend getting an AEG with a box magazine because it is cheaper. If you want to be a grenadier, purchase an AEG as well as a grenade launcher and extra grenades. All positions should also get a gas pistol as well for at least 70 dollars. I would recommend being a rifleman or a sniper because they are the equipment costs are the cheapest.

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