Affordable Rifle Scopes Vs Expensive Models

The most experienced and serious big game hunters want or already have the best and most expensive rifle scopes available on the market, but there are also a lot of people which are satisfied to put venison on the table once a year, and the vast majority of them are quite happy with the less expensive and complex scope.

Choosing a suitable rifle scope must be done in concordance with the type of hunting. For example, stalking a deer in thick and brushy areas like the ones in the Blue Ridge Mountains, does not require a scope at all other than open iron sights because in this case, distance is not an important and relevant factor. On the contrary, trying to take down a pronghorn antelope on the plains of northern Arizona imposes a much more complex and most likely, more expensive model.

An affordable (we avoid saying cheap) scope starts at a price of approximately 30$. The vast majorities of these models are advertised for beginners and offers simple cross hairs in the viewfinder, and many of them have a fixed magnification. There are a couple of affordable models that offer a variable magnification, like 3 x 9, which means that the object viewed can be dialed up from low magnification to the power of nine. For a large number of hunters, these features are enough and they consider that additional features are a waste of money.

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