An Independent Artist’s Career – The Reality and How to Overcome the Odds

In Theory… The reality of achieving major success as an independent unsigned artist can be summarized like this:

Imagine a Battle Field in a Bloody War.

There are many wounded soldiers everywhere. The soldiers are quickly rushed in to the make-shift triage on the battle field where they are to receive emergency medical attention. There are many wounded, but only a few Doctors to attend to them. Each life is important and no one soldier’s life is more important or valuable than the other. In today’s music industry environment, and although maybe a radical paradox, it can equate to your independent music career. For example, you know that your music is as good if not better than other musicians, just as the life of one soldier is as valuable and precious as the other.

The soldiers are medically treated one or two at a time… sort of a first come, first serve. Although each soldier’s life is as important as the other, there are just too many soldiers to enable the Doctors to attend to them all. Some will be treated and saved, but the majority will die. Unfortunately for the sea of independent musicians in the world today trying to survive with their music, this is how it can be in the over crowded music business.

Essentially, you are an independent artist; a solider in a war, the purpose of the war and why you are fighting it is to try and make it big or at least make a good living with your music. You are essentially on a crowded battle field of very talented independent artists waiting and looking for the same music industry attention. Each Artist is as talented as the other. Only a few artists or musicians will receive the music business attention they need to survive and achieve success, but the vast majority of independent artist’s careers will die. The reason being is that all things being equal there is only room for a few emerging artists to succeed in the over crowded sea of independent artists attempting to do the same thing. Make it big or make a decent living with their music.

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