The Mescapades of Menopause

Do you have difficulty finding your keys, phone, purse, wallet, your favorite shoes, the dog leash, that bill or an important item that you just saw moments ago? Are you constantly looking for stuff, misplacing things, scouring your home or office in search of something you are anxious to look at? Have you gone into a room and forgot why you are there, only to pause for moments in awe that you can’t remember why you are there, even after really thinking about it? Are you having difficulty grasping for names of people you have known for years or your whole life? Is it difficult to find the correct names for objects that you use all the time? Is this Dementia? Alzheimer’s challenges? Is it just getting older or is it The M Word, Menopause?

Well if you are also suffering from night sweats, decreased libido, forgetfulness, clumsiness, having your period slow way down, an intense desire to snap, crackle and pop then most likely it is the “Mescapades” of Menopause.

My first encounter with The Big” M” feeling was at a grocery store. I turned 47 and I was going through check out when the cashier refused a coupon and I blew a gasket. You would have thought someone had stolen my wallet. I was beside myself, shrieking about how long it took me to find the damn coupon, stamping my foot and making a ridiculous fool out of myself. After the most classic melt down of all, which lasted about a whole minute, and brought on an audience from every aisle, I had an out of body experience, and thought who is that in my body?

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