8 Norms, America Needs Restored And Preserved

Personally, I have never understood, the reasoning beyond the enormous, apparent attraction, Trump’s supporters, appear to have, for him. However, it is obvious, his core supporters, are amongst the most loyal, devoted, and believing, of people! While, there are numerous reasons, probably, for this support, I believe, one of the essential reasons, is the desire for change, which they believed, would make things, better for them, and aligned with certain feelings, political beliefs, etc, especially, regarding, getting – rid – of many of the norms, which most Americans have taken – for – granted, because it disagreed with their personal/ political agenda, social and religious beliefs, and/ or, based on bigotry/ prejudice, etc, or feeling, they were left – out, and saw this President, as some sort of heroic, savior. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 8 norms, which America must restore and preserve, if we are to remain, the voice of democracy, freedom, human rights, etc, throughout the world.

1. Ethics/ integrity, in government and its leaders: Shouldn’t we expect, and demand, that public officials, maintain, and conform, to a high ethical behaviorand consistently, proceed, with the utmost degree of genuine, absolute integrity, even when it may not serve one’s personal/ political agenda? It seems, for these past four years, many seemed, to, either, not care, or be willing to overlook this essential, character flaw! Since political leaders are human, they will have personal flaws, and weaknesses, as well as strengths, but, since we have an ethical code, we must demand, it be enforced.

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