Buy Blooming Tea Sets

With blooming flower teas, artisans will take tea leaves and tie them together with cotton thread in order to make an artist blooming flower tea. The flowers are then dried for storage, packaging, and shipping. When you add hot water, the flowers unfold to represent a time-lapse blooming flower!

Blooming flower tea is then added to a small glass teapot. Cover it with boiling water. There in your teapot a beautiful flower begins to bloom. It is like a little ball that comes to life as a blooming flower. The flower will add beauty to any dinner table.

One blooming flower will make ten to fifteen cups. Buy a tea set because the blooms that are chosen for the blooming teas are generally fruity and do not develop a bitter flavor like many others will. They are generally green or white, and are considered the most healthy of all teas.

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