The Biography Of Julian Assange. Founder of Wikileaks

The Biography Of Julian Assange. Heis one of the most sought by the United States because of leaking confidential documents all Americans through wikileaks. Julian Paul Assange was born 39 years ago in Queensland, Australia. biography

Julian is the Publisher, hackers and internet activist. His name is becoming the spotlight of the world because the site, Wikileaks, managed to get the secret documents the U.S. superpower. The numbers are unmitigated, i.e. the allegedly reached 250 thousand documents. All the contents of the document will be dikuak to the public through the site little by little.

The Biography Of Julian Assange

Julian’s childhood was less happy. His mother, Christine, remarried to a controversial New Age movement. Julian little rarely get a formal education. even since his stepfather was very cruel, he and his mother had to flee and nomadic life. Noted he has moved the residence as much as 37 times before 14 years old. Home Schooling is not new stuff for him.

When moving up, he followed the lectures at a number of universities in Australia. In 1987, at the age of 16 years, Julian started his career in the field of computer hackers. He wears the name Mendax ‘ password ‘. Along with two other colleagues, he founded a group called International Subversives. Julian and his friends is not the destroyer program or site. They stole data from these sites are ‘ secret ‘ and distributed them to the public.

The young group has access to a number of well-known universities in Australia. Even venturing into foreign countries, one of them access to Nortel, a telecommunications company in Canada. Yet because it is still ‘ green ‘ Assange, caught in 1991, and declared guilty of 24 allegations of hacking activity. But he is free of that year by paying a fine of a number of AUS $2100.

Setting Up Wikileaks

In 2006, Assange along five others founded a site called Wikileaks. Assange acts as spokesman for the site, therefore, only he’s only known as officers of Wikileaks. The original purpose of this site is to dismantle the company’s behaviour is judged unethical, as well as help the eradication of corruption in public institutions.

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