Save by Replacing Older Windows

Because of skyrocketing energy costs, homeowners are looking for ways to reduce their heating and cooling bills and at the same time enhance their way of life. Consumers today are also looking for ways to be more energy efficient and reduce their carbon footprint. turn window

One of the best home improvement projects for homeowners that will both lower their utility bills and save energy is replacing the old windows in their homes with new replacement windows. Rotting wood frames, single pane glass, and single glazed and improperly fitting windows allow much of a home’s heating or cooling to escape. By replacing older windows with modern energy efficient windows, heating and cooling costs can be drastically reduced.

With decades of research behind them, today’s window manufacturers offer modern energy efficiency and convenience as well as beauty. Materials such as UPVC and technologies such as double glazing allow homeowners to choose from a wide variety of energy efficient and beautiful window styles to suit their lifestyles. Homeowners also enjoy the low maintenance and added security that new replacement windows afford.

UPVC windows are durable as well as beautiful. Manufactured to withstand whatever nature has to offer, UPVC windows can have the clean look of white or can be finished to look like wood. UPVC windows also offer superior sound insulation, an often overlooked value of replacement windows.

For many, wood is still the window frame material of choice. Some choose wood to retain the character of a structure. Some prefer wood because of its natural beauty. Wood window technology has come a long way in recent years. Anti-fungal and anti-rot treatments ensure that wood windows will retain their beauty for years to come. Today’s wood windows also allow for better security and much longer function. Wood frame finishes protect from rain, retaining wood’s inherent beauty.

Casement, Tilt and Turn and Sash windows are popular choices in modern window styling. Casement windows include a variety of panes that allow for an uninterrupted view. Tilt and Turn windows combine good looks with practicality. The familiar Sash window has been reborn with energy efficiency and security in mind.

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