Why Are More Women Dating Younger Men?

I believe that you already know that there are a handful of Hollywood examples of women dating younger men: David Arquette, Tim Robbins and Ashton Kutcher, and many more. If you noticed, there is an uprising trend with women in their 30s to 40s dating men who are at least 10 years younger than them.

Have you wondered why are women dating young men? How does it work out for them? I hope this article will give you some answers why are more women dating younger men.

Firstly, older women are more beautiful. Yes it’s true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder but it’s not reserved just for the young. There are many older women who pays a lot of attention to their appearance and take good care of their skin are often as beautiful as they were when younger. Many women “blossom” in their thirties and can be attractive and sexy!

Secondly, many men are attracted to the sense of confidence and maturity of older women has in them. Some younger men find younger females foolish, immature and “shallow”. Older women who demonstrate their intelligence signifies to men that they are not shy to show that they are competent and mature enough to handle tricky situations herself without their help.

Thirdly, older women know exactly what they want and expect. They are less likely to play silly dating games as they don’t want to waste time and know what they know right in the beginning of the relationship. For younger men who are serious about relationship as well, it can be quite attractive for them.

Most of the older women have developed careers and hobbies which they have been building up for quite some while. This kind of independence and self-dependent can be very attractive to many young men. Instead of having a obsessive girlfriend or wife, they have a companion who has their own hobbies and activities. This is even better for younger men who are just starting to pursue their careers and plans. A younger woman might not be pleased about the long silent hours the male spends in work or overtime.


The Importance Of Trading Psychology And Discipline

Understanding your fears

When you are involved in trading and stocks are down, it’s understandable that you will be a little scared. Unfortunately, this fear might cause you to overreact and liquidate your holdings, go to cash, and refrain from taking any more risks of losing money. This action might prevent you from some losses, but you also risk missing out on potential gains.

One way to help deal with fear is to understand what the fear is. By definition, fear is a natural reaction to what is perceived as a threat. In trading, that fear could be a reaction to a posed threat to your profit or potential to make money. You will better deal with fear if you consider what exactly you are afraid of and why you are afraid of it.

If you ponder the issues of your fear at a time when you are not emotionally charged, you are better able to determine how you might react in a given situation. For example, if you think things out ahead of time, you might be able to identify your feelings of fear during a trading session. By acknowledging your fears you can focus your efforts on moving past the emotions that might distract you from completing a successful trade. This exercise takes practice, but it is necessary to preserve the health of your portfolio.

Greed is your worst enemy

A common statement cited on Wall Street is pigs get slaughtered. When investors are winning, many of them hang on to their winning positions much longer than they should in the hopes of getting every possible tick. This is risky and can result in a devastating blow to your position.

Despite being aware of the greed factor in trading, it is a difficult emotion to overcome. Many traders have an inherent desire to keep doing better so they push the boundaries of their trades. It is important that you recognize this emotional trait and develop your trade plan on rational business decisions, not emotions.

The importance of following trading rules

To avoid the risk of emotions undermining your trading efforts, it’s a good idea to establish guidelines based on your risk-to-reward relationship before you enter a trade. These trading rules can function as a safety net that can prevent you from a catastrophic loss. For example, if a particular stock is trading at $15 per share, you might consider getting out at $15.25 or even at just below $15 to put in a stop loss limit and get out.


Wood Furniture – What Type Of Wood Is Best?

There is a large selection of oaks, pines and hardwoods to construct furniture out of, and with the addition of hybrids and other genetically engineered lumber, it is getting harder to determine what type of wood your furniture is made out of. This article will give you clues on how to determine what type of furniture you prefer and what wood is best for certain types of furniture units. BEST WOOD PLANER


The classic-designed Greene & Greene furniture is usually constructed from solid mahogany. This type of wood usually has a straight grain and bears a reddish-brown color that darkens over time. Mahogany is very durable and is many times used in the construction of boats; it is also among the most expensive types of wood. There is one type of mahogany that is of inferior quality known as Philippine mahogany; this wood is inexpensive, soft, and not very durable. The only acceptable form of this wood would be when it is used as a top, decorative layer on plywood.

White Oak

Authentic Mission style furniture is constructed from solid quarter sawn White Oak. White Oak is known as being “barrel tight” because of the fiber that grows within the tree that makes it strong enough to prevent leaking (for example) through a barrel. Other reliable solid oak includes Siberian oak and American Red Oak. The unique specks that make quarter sawn oak so valuable are actually protein that run perpendicular to growth rings on a lumber log. This protein makes the wood stronger as well as gives it a distinctive aesthetic. The most productive craftsmen, the Amish, hand pick the lumber to go into a unit and the parts that are left over are many times used for drawer sides.


Most recently, however, drawers are constructed from aromatic cedar, which has its benefits. Cedar repels moths and is aesthetically beautiful besides the fresh smell it leaves behind. After years of use however, cedar is known to oxidize and the smell wears off but can be revitalized by sanding the cedar. Nevertheless for the most durable drawers, hardwood construction is the best.


While you can get the most use from furniture with solid tops because they will last longer and can absorb finishes easier, hardwood constructed furniture or furniture with veneer tops can visually take on any style because they are available in a variety of stains, particularly darker ones. For example, the Barn Furniture Mart offers birch, cherry, and maple, both hardwoods in cappuccino and cherry finishes. Hardwoods come from trees that are available all year long.


Five Signs That You Might Be a Beer Geek

The term “geek” has undergone a lot of evolution in recent years. It’s become almost sexy to be labeled as a geek in many circles. Geekdom has come to the world of beer, as well – beer geeks are a special breed. Are you one? Here are five signs that you might be!

Strong Beer – Do you like strong beer? Does the thought of a brew with more than 7 or 8% alcohol content make you excited? These brews have become more common with microbreweries intent on pushing the envelope of what is possible with brewing. There have been many super strong brews developed in recent years, many of which rival liquor in alcohol content.

Ultra Hopped – Does the thought of a super-hopped beer make you giddy? If so, then you are certainly a beer geek. Super-hopped brews have also become more common today, particularly with microbrewers. While you won’t find companies like Bud and Michelob putting out hopped up versions of themselves, you will find a lot of craft brewers taking this route.

Sour Brews – Have you gone to a particular brewpub just because they have sour brew on offer? Most drinkers shy away from anything labeled as “sour” – it’s just not that appetizing to many drinkers. However, if you find yourself saying “yum” instead of “hmm,” chances are good that you are a brew geek.

The Unknown – Do you regularly try brews that you have never seen or heard of before? Does the sight of an unrecognized label make your mouth salivate in anticipation? If so, then you are certainly a beer connoisseur – a trailblazer in your own right. It’s thanks to people like you that craft brews are enjoying so much popularity today.

Exotic Ingredients – Do you look for brews specifically for their odd or exotic ingredients? Today, you will find a wide range of somewhat strange ingredients that range from different hops to things like oyster flavoring. If you find this quality incredibly attractive, then you are most certainly a beer geek of the highest order.


Retiree Health Care Benefits Continue to Decline

Employer-based retirement health care insurance benefits continue to decline, according to recent industry reports.

Many retirees have been able to rely on private or state employer-based retirement health benefits for supplemental health care coverage while on Medicare in the past, but this is becoming less common.

Employer-based health-related benefits can provide important coverage for the gaps that exist in Medicare programs. Additional coverage benefits can alleviate the cost-sharing requirements and deductibles associated with Medicare. Caps on the amount that can be spent out-of-pocket, often associated with supplemental coverage, are also often helpful for retirees.

Overall, supplemental retiree health and medical benefits sponsored by a private or municipal employer have helped many retirees cope with high medical costs often incurred in retirement.

The Kaiser Family Foundation recently reported, however, that the number of large private employers-considered employers with 200 or more employees-offering retiree healthcare benefits has dropped from 66 percent in 1988 to 23 percent in 2015.

Companies that do continue to offer retiree health benefits have been making changes aimed at reducing the cost of benefits, including:

  • Instituting caps on the amount of the provider’s financial liability
  • Shifting from defined benefit to defined contribution plans
  • Offering retiree health care benefits through Medicare Advantage plan contracts
  • Creating benefit programs through private health insurance exchanges

State employers have also not been immune to the trend, but the type and level of coverage being offered by most states is significantly different than retirement health care coverage being offered by large companies.

Unlike many private employers, state governments continue to offer some level of retiree health care benefits to help attract and retain talented workers, according to a report titled “State Retiree Health Plan Spending,” published by The Pew Charitable Trusts and the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation in May, 2016.

With the exception of Idaho, all states currently offer newly-hired state employees some level of retirement health care benefits as part of their benefits package, according to the report. Of the states offering retiree medical benefits, 38 have made the commitment to contribute to health care premiums for the coverage being offered. State employers are, however, also making changes to the retirement health care insurance benefits they provide to state workers.

Significant among these changes for the states is at least one driving force-the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) now requires states to report liabilities for retirement benefits other than pensions in their financial statements. The changes were required from all states by the end of 2008. As a result, the increased financial transparency forced states to review the cost of their other post-employment benefits (OPEB) and address how they plan to pay for them.


How to Clean Your Shower Glass Doors

We always have a hard time with shower glass doors cleaning. Most of the staff on the glass doors are soap scum, mildew and hard water deposits. This makes your glass door look fogged. End of lease cleaning

This is not hard to clean if you do it once a week, otherwise scum will build up, it would become difficult to make glass doors shine.

Some cleaner can be used to clean glass doors, like dishwashing detergent, vinegar, oven cleaner, lemon juice, bleach, rubbing alcohol, plastic squeegee is the best hand tool because metal could damage glass material.

Before starting your job, your need to read cleaning solutions’ safety instruction carefully, always follow the safety procedure, since most of chemical cleaner is toxic, it contain acetic and phosphoric acid.

Make sure the bathroom is well ventilated and you need to wear rubber glove to keep your skin away from chemical cleaner, then you can start.

Make sure glass doors is dry

Test cleaning solution at a small corner first before apply it to the whole glass, insure it will not damage your glass doors.

Apply cleaner to the whole shower doors, set it for at least 30 minutes.

Scrub the surface with soft, non-abrasive cloth or sponge which will not scratch the glass.

Rinse with cold water to remove cleaner and stain.

Use plastic squeegee to erase extra water.

If soap scum still here, a sharp razor blade can be used to remove any spots

Finally use dry cloth to wipe down the glass.


Pakistan’s Current Economy and Job Market – Challenges and Suggestions

Current Economic Situation:

Pakistan, 27th largest economy of the world has been going through some rough times in recent years. The triumph of 6% plus gross domestic production GDP has been over since 2008. Hit with terrorism, rampant corruption and long hours of power breakdowns, Pakistan’s economy is truly bleeding.

Factors Affecting Growth:

There isn’t a single factor for this total disaster rather it seems that a whole lot of problems have “ganged up” against the fragile economy of Pakistan. If one would identify a single most difficult of challenges Pakistan faces today would undoubtedly be power crisis. No fuel for power generation plants, no money to pay GENCOS (generation companies) and on top of it no apparent policy or seriousness to resolve this issue.

Terrorism is also one of the major factors affecting foreign investments hence growth of the overall economy. The casualty of these factors is the job market.

Pakistan has one of the fastest jobsalertpakistan growing and young populations in the world. Each year around 2 million people enter the job market and current GDP growth rate is not enough to provide them the jobs. That further aggravates the situation as the unemployed soon fall down the poverty line resulting in increase of crimes and providing a breeding ground for terrorism.


The below suggestions if implemented could help jumpstart the economy and increase the number of for fresh entrants to the job market.

Effective Tax Regime:

Unlike developed or even emerging economies, Pakistan does not have an encouraging tax to GDP ratio. At around 10% of the GDP, it is the lowest in Asia. Effective policies should be evolved and implemented to increase tax to GDP ratio without increasing the current taxes rather, by expanding the tax net and encouraging direct taxation instead of indirect taxation.

Effective Energy Policy Implementation:

A lack of seriousness is evident on government’s part as there does not exist an energy policy for a country of 190 million people. Sincere and serious efforts have to be initiated to evolve a strategy to deal with the issue. Needless to say, input from the stakeholders (industries, business bodies, power regulators etc.) should be sought.


Online Live Baccarat With Real Live

Play live baccarat in comfort and privacy of your own home. You will be connected to a real live casino so you can be a part of a real-life baccarat casino game. Today, most of the companies offer a full range of casino betting at the same odds you would get in Vegas. They currently take wagers on all major casino games including Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Video Poker and many more. Baccarat is not a complicated game, it’s not made of any expensive materials and it does not require any advanced knowledge or education from the player. bakarat online

You can play live baccarat online with the growth in popularity of the internet; it is now possible to play live baccarat online in many online casinos. The best roulette systems and tips for novice and professional players. Most of the websites provide free online roulette articles and tips which will help you improve your odds and the way you play the game. Baccarat is one of the best ways to gamble on online casinos these days. Online baccarat games are more popular than ever, now that this invigorating game is available at most online casinos it has become easier for you to get the game experience.

An exciting game of Baccarat is played at many casinos all over the world. The player’s goal is to bet on his prediction that either the player’s hand will win, the banker’s hand will win, or that the game will end in tie. Over the years baccarat turned to a game of the high society, people come with tuxedos in their limousines from all over the world to the finest casino. But now people prefer live online baccarat game because they love to play this game sitting in their bedroom with their partners.

Live baccarat game rules should be read carefully and fully understood before you decide to play and spend your money on casino chips. What you must remember about playing live baccarat online, is that you are using real money to bet and when you lose or win, it just does not compare to the reality of being in a real casino. Various online casino websites are available where you can know about live baccarat very easily. If you play the casino baccarat online you could be in with the chance of winning big money. You can play baccarat online for fun or to learn, or you can play within our virtual casino environment with proper bets.


Pick a master to focus on. Another idea

Pick a master to focus on. Another idea is to pick just one player to focus on. For instance, you could have a “player of the month.” Say you decided to focus on Lennie Tristano. For one month you would devote a period of your practice session each day to listening to and studying Lennie Tristano. Buy a few of his recordings. meisterbetriebe Read a biography. Search on YouTube for footage of him performing. Transcribe a solo. Emulate his articulation, phrasing, rhythmic feel, tone, dynamics, etc. Then, after a period with Lennie, move on to someone else. Perhaps move on to a contemporary of Lennie’s. Or jump around in the tradition to, say, 1970’s McCoy Tyner.

4. Exercise your creative muscle. I’m gonna get a little metaphysical on you here. Many musicians and artists are romantic types. They are attracted to a ‘mysterious’ side of art. Well, I hate to break it to you, but there is no mystery or magic to creativity. Creativity happens because you ‘create’. Life is creativity. The universe is creativity. Therefore all of us are creative. To create you only need to take action. Get in the habit creating something everyday. Write something, anything. It could be a one bar melody, it could be a rhythm, it could be a groove. Just create something. You cannot wait for some idea to strike out of thin air. You must take action. Just do it. Overtime this creative process will become easy and natural.


Selling on Amazon typically works by providing access

Now, just because the “digital” realm is large doesn’t mean it’s devoid of the way in which “markets” typically work. Competition is obviously a major force, as is the idea that because something is “easy”, it can be replicated relatively simply by others (leading to an erosion of your profits).

Selling on Amazon typically works by providing access to products which people either don’t have access to locally, or are able to obtain locally but with major restrictions (such as color/size issues), or with problems in reliability of supply. In other words, whilst the Amazon marketplace is vast – don’t think you can outwit supply/demand.

The real trick with “digital” businesses is to provide access to unique products (typically made by yourself or your company) which are only available through you. These products have to be focused on providing a solution that most people have no idea about, and thus makes the proposition of buying it through the Internet legitimate.

Obviously, creating a “unique” product is 1,000x easier said-than-done – the trick with it is to work on solutions to your own problems. Work towards sharpening a skillset, which you’re able to apply to a wider audience, from which you’ll be able to identify “products” which can be created and offered as a means to simplify/solve problems you’ve experienced yourself.