Get Rid Of Shoe Smell and Buying Shoes Tips

Shoes are a big part of fashion. It would be beneficial if you knew a thing or two about footwear and purchasing shoes. Let’s begin with the purchasing shoes part.

When you walk into a shoe store you have to wonder why there is always carpet. The reason is because when you try on the shoes that you want to buy, they feel more comfortable on carpet than they do on hard floor. If you feel good when you try on the shoes, it is more likely that you will purchase it. Thus, the seller make a sale. The carpet in shoe stores is a selling tool and it works.

Now let’s talk about purchasing shoes. If you have never thought about the time of day that you actually buy shoes, you need to consider it. The best time of the day to go buy a pair of shoes is four to six pm. This is because this is when your feet are the most accurate size. If you buy shoes in the morning, your feet will be the smallest size it will be for the day (since you just spent time sleeping). Of course, it won’t make a huge difference when you buy your shoes, but it does help to know these times.

After you have bought your shoes, you need to know how to really wear them. I used to wear the same shoes everyday. That was fine because I couldn’t afford to have more than one pair of shoes. However, my shoes usually smelled and it was unpleasant to be around me. You need to wear your shoes every other day. It needs twenty four hours to air out and clear up so it does not build up a filthy smell. Thus, you should have two pairs of shoes. Each day you should alternate wearing them so that your shoes will not give off an unpleasant odor. If you take off your shoes and it smells, it is because you didn’t give your shoes the twenty four hour rest period, or there is something wrong with your socks. In order for your socks to do its job of preventing your feet from unpleasant odors there are a certain type of socks you need to be wearing. Purchase socks with the following labels on them: Wicks away, transfer, moves, takes away moisture. If you purchase socks that meet this criteria and you are alternating your shoes on a twenty four hour basis then your shoes should never smell.

Finally, there is a certain type of shoe that is horrible for you if it is worn on a day-to-day basis. That shoe, or should I say sandal, is a flip-flop. Though these are good for short term walks on the beach or a casual walk to check the mail it should not be worn everyday. If it is worn on a day to day basis, then you are causing long term damage to your foot muscles as they were never meant to be used in the way that flip-flops make you use them. The important thing is to always have support in a shoe, and flip-flops don’t offer that!

Remember these tips when purchasing and wearing shoes and you will be much better off!

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