Extra Wide Shoes for Men – Tips for Buying

Finding the extra wide shoes for men or women is not really difficult. Those who are looking for wide width shoe stores for buying these wider fitting shoes don’t have to worry. Not all shoe stores have these shoes of wider width available but one can always find them if they know where to look for. These wide shoes are beneficial in more than one way. These wide shoes are good for the feet allowing the toes sufficient space to move and breathe. Cramping the feet and the toes cause many issues like bunions and hence wide fitting shoes are as much for the comfort of the feet as for the style they can offer. Here are some tips for finding the right places to purchase these wide fitting shoes.

Shopping at Consignment Shops

A growing number of consignment shops are popping up these days after an economic cruise. These shops attract shoes of all sizes including the wider shoes. Interestingly once you find the right shop which deals with extra wide shoes for men, you can go back for more designs and styles.

Custom Made Wide Width Shoes

There are a lot of so called clinics and shops that manufacture custom made wide width shoes for those who want comfort from foot problem. Those who are looking for dancing shoes or shoes for long distance running and walking, should consider custom made wide fitting shoes even though they are far more expensive. There are special tools and measuring systems available these days which could ensure that higher quality shoes can be manufactured to fit the feet and allow comfort for those with heavy duty dependence on their feet. Getting custom made shoes at clinics, by sometimes taking the plaster cast ensures that you get it correct. Custom toe boxes are usually built into shoes these days too.

Look on the Internet

Finding extra wide shoes for men is quite easy if you are looking on the internet. One of the most important tips when one is looking for these wider shoes is to keep in mind the size conversion ratio between countries. So a no. 10 in USA might not be same elsewhere. But, internet is definitely one of the better ways to find wide, but perfect fitting shoes. There are a lot of manufacturers who have websites with a display of extra wide shoes for women and men and one can always choose from amongst those the shoes which suit them in their style and colour.

Online Auction Sites

Another great way of buying extra wide shoes is to check out on online sites where you can buy extra wide shoes during auctions. The good part about these auctions is that it helps people get some options especially increasing the chances of coming across those with extra wide feet. Finding average width shoes is easy. That is why you will have to look beyond the regular stores to find them.

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