Her image that represents our status as a people

When our leaders pray, their voices are sent off as into the dark-forests, where light has a difficulty breaking through; unto a Heavenly Father that no one sees or knows”… delicate culotte

Then this individual looked upon me with a smug expression; as if I knew and understood the message correctly…

“Now you understand your position, your work, and your responsibility”…

Immediately the entire picture changed; and I am back once again in church, as we are all fulfilling the prayer services…

Alexander Baghdanov

The Gifts of Prophecy, and Manifest Spirituality are all but non-existent within modern day Christianity; but those precious seeds of Faith have been kept alive by God’s Secret Messengers from the beginning of time!
Would you like to explore your “Prophetic Journey in Life”; and to develop those Prophetic Gifts, which have been promised to all who truly believe?
Alexander has many years of experience within the Prophetic Realm of God and in Manifest Spirituality! Learn from him the hidden meaning and purpose and life, and see through the eyes one who has journeyed into those angelic realms that only the Prophets of God enter into.
Visit Alexander’s personal web-site and bookstore to gain access to a vast storehouse of knowledge, wisdom, and insight. You too may begin transforming your life into a living experience with God, and establish your prophetic gifts, which are a bridge into the heavenly realms of our Creator.

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