Sports Writing: Stress, Success and 3 Steps to Securing Your Future

Sports writing has always been a stressful career; now it is more difficult than ever. But it is also more exciting, with a future that is full of opportunities for those who can spot them.

Current and future sports journalists will need many skills in order to adapt, survive and even thrive in the new media world.

Securing your sports writing career

Newspapers, magazines, radio and television organizations are all cutting costs. Advertising revenues are down and in most cases sales are falling, so budgets are too.

Staff numbers are being squeezed. Only the best – those with the biggest skill-sets and the ‘can do’ attitudes – are likely to survive.

Securing a future in sports journalism isn’t easy, but it is possible.

Here are three simple steps to making sure you get and keep the job you always dreamed of.

1. Blogging

Any sports writer of the future is going to need an instinctive knowledge of blogging: how to blog, when to blog, what to blog, and how to make great content that quickly spreads around the internet.

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