We Found Atlantis

The Bible tells us there was a war in heaven and Satan was thrown out. The scientific evidence shows that the object thrown from heaven destroyed Atlantis. Google Earth shows Atlantis at the bottom of the Atlantic just where Plato told us it was.

Ancient literature and “mythology” is filled with stories of an early civilization that was destroyed by a great worldwide flood. Plato said it was Atlantis.

Plato has long been accepted as the first to write about Atlantis as was documented in his classic dialogs: Timaeus andCritias written about 360 to 370 BC. The dialogues are recorded as conversations between Socrates, Hermocrates, Timeaus, and Critias.

Plato’s story describes Atlantis and a conflict between the ancient Athenians (Greeks) and the Atlantians that occurred 9,000 years before Plato’s time. The story was initially told to an ancestor of Critias by Solon who was told the story by an ancient Egyptian priest.

Many have believed that Atlantis is a fiction created by Plato. After all Plato wrote about Atlantis 9,000 years after it was destroyed.

Well Plato was not the first to write about it. A very much earlier document written in 9619 BC, about 9,250 years before Plato’s writing has been found.

This ancient document is believed to be the oldest document that has survived almost intact down through the ages.

Further, archeological finds and searchvela scientific evidence provide convincing proof that Atlantis really did exist.

Atlantis is perhaps just the latest “old myth” becoming a reality. Scientific findings have in the past proved that many of the ancient myths were based in reality.

Enough evidence has been discovered to prove that Atlantis was real.

Earth’s geological forces continuously change the face of Earth; some very slowly through the ages, and some very suddenly. The most well known slow changes are caused by wind, rain and other weather erosions. But perhaps the greatest of the slow changes are caused by plate tectonics which cause the continents to continuously drift relative to each other.

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