Five Signs That You Might Be a Beer Geek

The term “geek” has undergone a lot of evolution in recent years. It’s become almost sexy to be labeled as a geek in many circles. Geekdom has come to the world of beer, as well – beer geeks are a special breed. Are you one? Here are five signs that you might be!

Strong Beer – Do you like strong beer? Does the thought of a brew with more than 7 or 8% alcohol content make you excited? These brews have become more common with microbreweries intent on pushing the envelope of what is possible with brewing. There have been many super strong brews developed in recent years, many of which rival liquor in alcohol content.

Ultra Hopped – Does the thought of a super-hopped beer make you giddy? If so, then you are certainly a beer geek. Super-hopped brews have also become more common today, particularly with microbrewers. While you won’t find companies like Bud and Michelob putting out hopped up versions of themselves, you will find a lot of craft brewers taking this route.

Sour Brews – Have you gone to a particular brewpub just because they have sour brew on offer? Most drinkers shy away from anything labeled as “sour” – it’s just not that appetizing to many drinkers. However, if you find yourself saying “yum” instead of “hmm,” chances are good that you are a brew geek.

The Unknown – Do you regularly try brews that you have never seen or heard of before? Does the sight of an unrecognized label make your mouth salivate in anticipation? If so, then you are certainly a beer connoisseur – a trailblazer in your own right. It’s thanks to people like you that craft brews are enjoying so much popularity today.

Exotic Ingredients – Do you look for brews specifically for their odd or exotic ingredients? Today, you will find a wide range of somewhat strange ingredients that range from different hops to things like oyster flavoring. If you find this quality incredibly attractive, then you are most certainly a beer geek of the highest order.

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