Let Your Interest In Fashion Be Your Own

Certainly, such technology would vastly enhance the educational process depending on how much information the human mind could retain after removing the garment. Experiences might become the province of what “hats” a person has worn in performing their duties. Another old adage springs to mind which might also carry new meaning, “You never really know a person until you have walked around in their shoes.”

If such technology is developed, it might blur the line between individual talent and artificially induced performance. The education process would take a major hit from anyone who could afford to buy the right clothes from someone who had already completed classroom work and taken tests. Sibling “hand me downs” would give younger children a leg up on what their brothers and sisters had to experience themselves to learn. The Good Will and Salvation Army used clothing drives might also have to more closely monitor the wardrobe they are redistributing to the under privileged.

Working through the preliminary thoughts about how a single innovation might impact society demonstrates the influences and considerations needed to bring such ideas into reality. In this scenario, the technical clothing industry might be able to revolutionize how people use and obtain information. How much would such garments cost if the alternative for people would be to learn concepts the old fashioned way? If knowledge were taken to this level of advancement, what would be the effect on the over all quality of life? Would nudists be willing to give up their practices to stay in touch with the mainstream?

Hopefully, this article will impart a few laughs and get people to think about just how many new ideas there are to pursue in trying to improve our quality of life. Human beings all start out the same as they have since the beginning of time. The only thing that changes is what each new society has to work with, and how the present builds on the experiences of the past. When you buy a suit from the Men’s Warehouse of the future, will you truly “like the way you look?”

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